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The Reverie is a creative community designed for the female dreamers of Atlanta.

Whether you're attending one of our workshops, perusing through a market,

or clinking a drink at a maker's mingle, we're excited to meet you and hear your story.


Here's to dreaming big and making friends along the way!


keeping the lights on with girl power.



Looking for a place to call your own? Apply to become a Woman of The Reverie!


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the reverie

"The Reverie is a product of a Craigslist posting, a vivid dream, and a calling. I was looking for a new studio and happened upon a gorgeous, rustic manufacturing warehouse on the outskirts of Atlanta [...] I had an unshakable dream that night that left me with a vision of what it needed to become: a creative community for the female makers, designers, artists and dreamers of my city.


[...] Through a lot of processing, prayer, and stars aligning, it became abundantly clear that this was how I was being called to support the women in my community." 

- Megan Inderrieden, Founder

Women Making Waves, 2019

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